#TeachServeLead Old Northside Neighborhood This week, I’m highlighting the Downtown Indianapolis neighborhood of Old Northside. As a historic preservation area, the neighborhood has been able to protect the late 1800s and early 1900s homes and add in new construction that complements the original character.  The neighborhood enjoys a close proximity to I-70 and I-65 for interstate access while also offering […]
#TeachServeLead Neighborhood Guide: St. Clair Place Hello Indianapolis and St. Clair Place! This week, I’m highlighting the Near East neighborhood of St. Clair Place, just east of downtown Indianapolis, IN. Spurred by recent growth, St. Clair Place is experiencing a revitalization. The neighborhood enjoys a close proximity to I-70 and I-65 for interstate access while also offering a short two-mile commute […]
#ChalkTalk Condo Conundrums Non-Warrantable Condos Buying a condominium property is a great option for many people. The most common reasons to buy a condo are: Folks who want to live in neighborhoods where they may not be able to afford to purchase a single-family home. Owner-occupants who do not want to spend time and money on exterior maintenance. […]
#ChalkTalk Financial Resources During COVID-19 Financial Resources for Coronavirus/COVID-19 I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. My best advice for all of my friends, neighbors, and clients is to start following Peter Dunn, AKA Pete the Planner. He has always been an excellent resource for personal finance information through his USA Today columns, his books, his podcast, Your Money […]
#ChalkTalk Mental Health Resources During Covid-19 Mental Health Resources for Coronavirus/COVID-19 The Indiana State Department of Health has provided Hoosiers with information about how to access mental health resources while we are in the stay-at-home order. https://coronavirus.in.gov/files/IN_COVID-19_MentalHealth_03.31.20.pdf Call 211 if you are experiencing a mental health emergency. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number is 1-800-273-8255. You can also text HOME […]
#ChalkTalk Grocery Services during Covid-19 Going to the grocery store for staple items these days feels strange… Partly a waste of time due to unstocked shelves and partly a potentially scary opportunity to spread Covid-19. Luckily, we have several local businesses who are upending their business models to be of service to our community and simply to stay in business […]
#ChalkTalk Easement- Real Estate Vocabulary Lesson /ˈēz-mənt/  An easement gives someone else the right to use your land. The most common easements in residential Real Estate usually involve utilities or homeowner’s associations. A utility easement allows the (gas, water, electric, etc.) company to use part of your land to run lines and grants them access to perform maintenance or make repairs. […]
#ChalkTalk Earnest Money and Escrow- Real Estate Vocabulary Lesson /ˈərnəst ˈmənē/ and /ˈeskrō/  Earnest money is the cash (usually a personal check) that is paid to the seller by the buyer upon acceptance of a contract to buy a home. The purpose is to provide a good-faith guarantee of the buyer’s seriousness about purchasing the home. Think of it kind of like a deposit. […]
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#ChalkTalk First Time Home Buying in Real Time “How do I buy a house?” is one of the most-asked questions that I get. I thought it would help to take my readers through a first-time home buyer’s transaction from start to finish. Here we go! Part 1:  My clients navigated financing and made an offer on a home they love on the Northeast side of […]
Neighborhood Highlights Holy Cross Open House and Neighborhood Guide Holy Cross Open House! 434 and 436 N. State Ave. In the blog this week, I’m promoting my new listing in my own ‘hood- Holy Cross!  I’m excited about the opportunities for both buying and selling in this tight-knit community on the Near Eastside of downtown Indy. Check out the stats on these gutted and remodeled townhomes! […]
First-Time Home Buying Riverside Neighborhood Guide- Indianapolis Riverside Neighborhood! I’m having such a good time learning about this week’s neighborhood, Riverside. I’m excited about the opportunities for both buying and selling in this revitalizing community on the Near Northwest side of Indy. Riverside is mostly residential, but there are still plenty of neighborhood amenities in the area. The city’s oldest golf course- Riverside Golf […]
Uncategorized Where Is @RealtyAmanda This Week? Avon! Where Is @RealtyAmanda This Week? Avon! This week, I’m hosting an Open House in Avon, just west of Indianapolis, IN. Spurred by recent growth, Avon is expanding. The city maintains close proximity to I-465 and I-70 for downtown commuters but keeps a small-town feel. Avon City Hall Park is an 82.5 acre park with trails, a lake, […]
Uncategorized Where Is @RealtyAmanda This Week? Westfield! Westfield!   This week, I’m exploring homes in Westfield, just north of Indianapolis and Carmel, IN. The downtown area, old farmhouses, new construction, a sports park, and city parks and trails combine to give the city a fun, vibrant atmosphere that enticed CNN Money Magazine to place it among their “Best Places to Live” list. The […]
Uncategorized All Around Indy for Investors Did you know that even if you already have a mortgage on your own home, you can still often qualify for another mortgage to buy an investment property? Right now, I’m working with several investors who are looking to buy multi-family homes.  Some want to find long-term tenants, some want to live in half of […]
Uncategorized All Around Indianapolis for Under $100K There are great deals all over Indianapolis- North, East, West, South, and Central.  I’ve compiled current offerings from each area that are all priced under $100K. If you are a first-time home buyer, an investor, or just someone looking for a great deal, check out these homes and call, text, or email me for a private showing. […]
Uncategorized Where Is @RealtyAmanda This Week? Zionsville! Zionsville! This week, I’m showing homes in Zionsville, just northeast of Indianapolis, IN. With an established downtown village, quaint neighborhoods, and new construction of homes and townhomes, Zionsville continues to be a hot market. The city has a definite small-town feel while maintaining close proximity to I-465 and I-65 for downtown Indy commuters. Zionsville is best […]
Uncategorized Where Is @RealtyAmanda This Week? Irvington! Irvington! This week I am showing homes in the Historic Irvington neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis. Irvington is a popular neighborhood due to proximity to downtown, interstates, and shopsand restaurants.  Black Acre Brewing and Jockamo Pizza are two of my favorites! Irvington is also extremely walk-able and bike-able boasting the Pleasant Run Trail, seven miles stretching from Ellenberger Park to Garfield Park. […]
Uncategorized Four Reasons to List Your Home for Sale NOW Most people who follow Real Estate in Indianapolis know that we are experiencing a strong seller’s market. Still, some potential sellers are still on the fence about whether or not to make a move. Here are four reasons why now is the time to list your home for sale. 1. Low Inventory and High Demand […]
Uncategorized Where Is @RealtyAmanda This Week? Meridian Kessler ON THE MONON! Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood ON THE MONON TRAIL! 4825 North Winthrop Avenue On Sunday, April 2 from 2:00-4:00, I am hosting an Open House at 4825 Winthrop Avenue in the gorgeous Meridian-Kessler neighborhood. I’m excited about the opportunities for both buying and selling in this well-established community. This house boasts a much sought-after amenity: the property backs onto the Monon […]
Uncategorized Where Is @RealtyAmanda This Week? Fishers! Fishers! This week, I’m showing homes in Fishers, just north of Indianapolis, IN. Spurred by recent and ongowing growth, Fishers neighborhoods are well-kept and plentiful. The city has a small-town feel while maintaining close proximity to I-465 and I-69 for downtown commuters. Parks and trails are taking over Fishers. There are more than a dozen parks and 85 miles […]