#ChalkTalk Fall Maintenance Checklist
#ChalkTalk Condo Conundrums Non-Warrantable Condos Buying a condominium property is a great option for many people. The most common reasons to buy a condo are: Folks who want to live in neighborhoods where they may not be able to afford to purchase a single-family home. Owner-occupants who do not want to spend time and money on exterior maintenance. […]
#ChalkTalk Financial Resources During COVID-19 Financial Resources for Coronavirus/COVID-19 I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. My best advice for all of my friends, neighbors, and clients is to start following Peter Dunn, AKA Pete the Planner. He has always been an excellent resource for personal finance information through his USA Today columns, his books, his podcast, Your Money […]
#ChalkTalk Mental Health Resources During Covid-19 Mental Health Resources for Coronavirus/COVID-19 The Indiana State Department of Health has provided Hoosiers with information about how to access mental health resources while we are in the stay-at-home order. https://coronavirus.in.gov/files/IN_COVID-19_MentalHealth_03.31.20.pdf Call 211 if you are experiencing a mental health emergency. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number is 1-800-273-8255. You can also text HOME […]
#ChalkTalk Grocery Services during Covid-19 Going to the grocery store for staple items these days feels strange… Partly a waste of time due to unstocked shelves and partly a potentially scary opportunity to spread Covid-19. Luckily, we have several local businesses who are upending their business models to be of service to our community and simply to stay in business […]
#ChalkTalk Easement- Real Estate Vocabulary Lesson /ˈēz-mənt/  An easement gives someone else the right to use your land. The most common easements in residential Real Estate usually involve utilities or homeowner’s associations. A utility easement allows the (gas, water, electric, etc.) company to use part of your land to run lines and grants them access to perform maintenance or make repairs. […]
#ChalkTalk Earnest Money and Escrow- Real Estate Vocabulary Lesson /ˈərnəst ˈmənē/ and /ˈeskrō/  Earnest money is the cash (usually a personal check) that is paid to the seller by the buyer upon acceptance of a contract to buy a home. The purpose is to provide a good-faith guarantee of the buyer’s seriousness about purchasing the home. Think of it kind of like a deposit. […]
#ChalkTalk First Time Home Buying in Real Time “How do I buy a house?” is one of the most-asked questions that I get. I thought it would help to take my readers through a first-time home buyer’s transaction from start to finish. Here we go! Part 1:  My clients navigated financing and made an offer on a home they love on the Northeast side of […]
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