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Grocery Services during Covid-19

Going to the grocery store for staple items these days feels strange… Partly a waste of time due to unstocked shelves and partly a potentially scary opportunity to spread Covid-19. Luckily, we have several local businesses who are upending their business models to be of service to our community and simply to stay in business during the stay at home order.

Here are some of the home-town heroes that I have found who can provide no- or low-touch grocery pickup or delivery across Indianapolis. Please note that all of this information is subject to change. I will do my best to update the blog to reflect current (3/25/2020) conditions, but please check the websites and/or call before visiting these locations.

Sahm’s Marketplace https://sahms.com/

With locations all around Indianapolis, including Sahm’s Place, Big Lug Canteen, Half Liter BBQ, the Sahm’s family of restaurants is offering pantry staples, produce, and prepared meals that you can order online and pick up without having to enter the building.


Rooster’s Market http://www.roostersindy.com/market/

Ross Katz at Rooster’s Kitchen has been providing the east end of Mass Ave with great food and drinks for a few years. Now he’s stepped up to help us get some groceries! The website offers pre-paid grocery staples and prepared foods that would be available for pickup in an hour. You might even be able to luck into a “Brunch Pack” or a “Grilling Pack.”


Triton Brewing https://tritonbrewing.revelup.com/weborder/?establishment=1#index

Triton Brewing on The Fort in Lawrence has shifted to a Bodega model while also selling prepared foods. Check them out for dairy, bread, produce, or a fried chicken dinner for the family.


Smoking Goose Meatery https://shop.smokinggoose.com/ or https://www.goosethemarket.com/

This little hidden gem is just two blocks from my house in Holy Cross Neighborhood. They have smoked and preserved meats available for pick-up or delivery. May I please suggest the Hillbelly sausage? Delicious! Goose the Market on the near-north side is also a great option for online orders.


Charleston’s Restaurant https://www.facebook.com/CharlestonsIndianapolis/photos/rpp.182570755092827/3393630157320188/?type=3&theater

This Castleton restaurant is offering take-out food AND pantry and produce staples. This is a great option for folks on the north side because it is conveniently located at I69 and 465.


Amelia’s Bread https://ameliasbread.com/take-out/

Never run out of bread! Our favorite artisanal bread company has you covered. Please try the focaccia!


Wildwood Market https://www.wildwoodmarket.com/

Wildwood in Fountain Square is always a fun place to visit, but now they have curb-side service for staples, sweets, flowers, and snacks!


Local Bodegas, Supermercados, Asian Markets, and Indian Markets

Last tip- Our local neighborhood corner markets can be great places to pick up produce and meat along with canned food. You might even find a new food that you never knew you liked. Pro tip: try all of their hot sauces. Kroger has no idea about how to stock a great hot sauce!


Please let me know in the comments if you have another great option for Indianapolis residents. I know I’ve got a ton of friends in Lexington, Louisville, and Evansville who might want to share some ideas, too. Stay safe, be well, and STAY AT HOME!