#ChalkTalk#TeachServeLeadCOVID-19 Resources April 10, 2020

Financial Resources During COVID-19

Financial Resources for Coronavirus/COVID-19

I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. My best advice for all of my friends, neighbors, and clients is to start following Peter Dunn, AKA Pete the Planner. He has always been an excellent resource for personal finance information through his USA Today columns, his books, his podcast, Your Money Line, and now his Hey Money service. Here’s a bonus: he’s a local Indianapolis businessman who provides employment for our community!

Pete is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on the internet. He is providing (FREE!) videos and resources every day this month for folks who have concerns about budgeting, loans, unemployment benefits, and many other issues.

After you’ve checked out the free resources, consider signing up for his Hey Money service. It is affordable and very helpful for people who want to secure a solid financial future.

Also, if you’re looking for mental health services, check this link!